Potential Myanmar’s Sea Port

Sea Ports are essential of the trading and Sea Ports are one of the countries economics because every country will have been recognizing Sea Ports are the business area at the world economics. Today, many countries build the city project, Industrial Zone and many resident projects at near Sea Port’s area because of smooth transportation, reduce waste times and countries economics will develop at this area. And then the ports have always been gateways to domestic and international trade and lifelines to the outside world for communications and commerce. Another point of the ports is needed to support massive volumes of international Import/ Export, as well as domestic cargo volume every day as the country develops. The ports also house the cruise terminals to support the growing regional cruise tourism industry, and bring about the new industrial zone locations.
Myanmar have many Sea Ports such as Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Dawei (SEZ), Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and Pathein Industrial Zone (New Special Economic Zone) lies around the Myanmar’s coastline. And then Yangon is the traditional major port city for the country. Now Thilawa SEZ and Kyauk Phyu SEZ project are processing in Mynmar. Another SEZ projects will be open in coming soon years. After 2010, many foreign and domestic investors are interest to observe Myanmar’s Ports for their business will operate in this SEZ because Myanmar is developing country and Myanmar have already obtained open sanction in after 2011.
In future, development momentum of Myanmar’s ports will never stop because Myanmar’s ports will be the famous in Asian and Myanmar can make link to deal with many countries for country economics development.
Summing up, potential trend of Myanmar’s Sea ports are going to good direction and development direction to develop country’s economics and cannot reject that can obtain many benefit from all of Myanmar’s Sea Ports for any investors.

Potential Yangon Property Market & Situation

In Yangon, Condominium market will develop by quickly but Foreigners cannot purchase the estate, house and land until now. However, Government has a plan to change some of property law in Myanmar because Myanmar is developing country and many foreigners come to work in Myanmar. In future year, Myanmar government will allow in property law that the foreigners can buy the Condominium.

Yanking Township will develop as region development Township in Yangon because all of Condominium scattered lies in Yankin Township. And then the famous project of Golden City will finish on end of 2017 and another famous project of HAGL will finish on end of December 2018.

And then the market of Mini Condominium, Housing & apartment will be good market and the market of lease, sell & buy sectorare improve by quickly in coming years.

The good location (House, Condominium & Apartment) can obtain good price to rent the office. Moreover, All of landlord in good location will lease their property by competitive system.

In future years of Myanmar, in Myanmar Property and Real Estate sector, many landlords will use the installment selling and payment system such as U.S and other developed countries by long term year payment (30 or 40 or 50 years payment). So,In coming years of Myanmar, the really resident people will increase in Property & Real Estate sector and manipulation people will disappear by slowly in Real Estate sector.

Another potential landmark is Myanmar Thilawa SEZ. Thilawa SEZ is famous in International Manufacturing sector. And then Special Economic Zone B will start to operate the business on end of 2016.

Summing up, the potential market and situation of Yangon property will be increasing in coming years and all of investors can obtain many opportunities in Yangon Property and Real Estate Sector but demand and supply of Yangon property market is stable until now.