Sports and Economics


Today, many athletes have many audiences and they are the popular people. We cannot say for sure that every children know US President or not but many children know Christiano Ronaldo (CR7) and Messi. In 21 Century, sports are in one of Economics sector of Country and every country wish their athletes to be successful many kinds of sports type. So, many athletes became representative of the state and they dignify the countries if they will take success at their kinds of sports.

The host country can make to obtain the profit from sports events such as FIFA World Cup, Olympics and EURO Cup. The host country incomes increase during to celebrate these sports events. So, sports are the indirect economics.

The famous sports such as Football, Golf, Tennis, Boxing and Basketball can make to obtain many incomes from TV Channel, Advertisement. And then the international athletes have to pay income tax to the relevant country if they will earn money as professional players to any countries. Example, the England government takes 50% of income tax from any football players as well as the Spain government takes 30% of income tax from any football players. Moreover, the host country of Olympics or FIFA World Cup or EURO Cup can obtain many profits during to celebrate these events from Hotel, Tourism & Travel business because many audients come from many different countries.

Summing up, Sports and Economics are relevant indirect economics at every country.