The Starbucks Index (STB Index)


The “Big Mac Index” is one of the most popular index for comparing consumer price at different countries.

Last month,  I have visited 4 countries, Philippine, Vietnam, China and Japan

 I visited Starbucks in each of these countries.

I would like to compare each country's price of Fresh Brewed Coffee Tall size as below.



Survey Month:  2017.05

Currency:               USD   JPY  RMB  VND    PHP

Location: Manila      2.11   235  14.4  47,927   105

            HoChiMinh  2.20  248  15.0  50,000  109

              Shanghai   3.09  343  21.0  70,075   153

                   Tokyo      3.11  345  21.2  70,607   155      = 147%/Manila!

Please kindly refer the below websites, about Big Mac Index and Starbucks index for further information.

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