India Report: Unorganised Garmenting Segment is Still in Primitive Stage


Unorganised garmenting segment is still in primitive stage. The usual practice is to get purchase order, execute the order and deliver fast. The manufacture has to work under crisis and without plan, manage the fabric purchase just like one time buying, cutting and subcontracting the stitching and washing and finally finishing and packing and delivering.  A tiny 200 to 1000 sq ft. of area is sufficient to manage 10 Millions of garment per month.  Is this not a superb performance? 

BUT!!!!! Folks, this is not a performance, it’s a crisis management and indirect lose to the company. It is found that almost 20% of garments will be having quality issue and will be left for 2nd and 3rd grade sales for the street vendors.  Those garments will be sold at 50% or more discount on production cost which is not even cover the fabric cost.  

THEREFORE, why we don’t start thinking to make a good process and product control, empowerment of staff working for company and develop the culture of quality.  The same work hour will be used but once the right norms and culture are adopted, the profitability and reputation will be on higher side. 

After reviewing exhaustive number of articles, papers and personal interview of experts, we have top 5 reasons, why we are not able to do it... 

  1. Management commitment and capabilities
  2. Lack of believe on return on investment (ROI) and use
  3. No appropriate measurement of lose and visibility of improvement
  4. Lack of partnership with suppliers and other stockholders
  5. No govt. Or other rewards to implement the system