Lack of eco-literacy and Training for the Green Textile Process

If really textiles and apparel sector want to deliver the green product and green process for the consumers, there is a great need for the awareness and literacy for the Green concept. If higher authority always made a luxury for green implementation for the sake of more orders and respect, there will be hollow efforts. Therefore across all level of operation and supply chain there is a need to deliver the eco literacy. Training is the mode which imparts this eco literacy.  Eco-literacy and Training in respect of green drive among the supply chain partners increased the involvement of GSCM implementation (Zabbi et al. 2013; Kumar et al. 2013).  Supply chain members’ awareness and literacy is considered as the efficient planning for the adoption of green supply chain management (Luthra et al. 2015). By imparting training in terms of pollution prevention, the organisation can improve the environmental performance in significant level (Rao and Holt 2005). Training and Eco literacy are the important requirement for the successful implementation of GSCM (Ravi and Shankar 2005). Lack of eco-literacy among the supply chain members is one of the barriers in terms of knowledge to implement the green supply chain and this is the reason training program is the important strategy in terms of employee perspective for green initiatives (Luthra et al. 2013; Govindan et al. 2014)). Educating and generating awareness to the supply chain partners construct the collaborative relationship among the suppliers which is much easier for the implementation of GSCM (Mitra and Datta 2013).  Lack of awareness in sustainability concept is considered to be one of the top barriers; suitable training programme to be arranged for the professional time to time along with government’s involvement to issue the guidelines in terms of GSCM can help the organisation for implementation of green initiatives (Bhanat et al. 2015). Yosuj and Jamaludin (2014) stresses to work on the lack of green information and knowledge, lack of green experts and lack