Organizational DevelopmenT   組織開発


*and how you organize them


The factory floor can fail for many different reasons.

A factory's output is the sum total of all of the work of its combined Teams.  When the Teams are not well organized into an efficient organization, we say that the "factory's organization is not optimized" to achieve higher productivity. 

The great majority of factories spend time on at least some training of its workers, but rarely concentrate on improving total organizational throughput.

You will not be able to maximize your productivity if all of your time is spent on technical training at the production line.

And you will waste a great amount of money throwing financial incentives at the production line unless you focus on what is needed in pre-production and post-producction in order to maximize production line efficiency. 

What Will Organizational Optimization Look Like at my Factory?

It won't look like this:

Structure is important. 

But a traditional organization chart is only useful to show who is controlling what, and how you have structured your factory.  

It doesn't improve anything. 

It looks more like this:


We look at individual Teams and what they do. 

We redefine what "work" is for these Teams.

And optimize teams' output to better flow to the next group, and throughout your factory. 

The end result is improvement in end-to-end productivity (shorter lead time, with better quality). 

What WE DO

Here is some of the work involved in Organizational Development.

For each of the Projects listed, AMC optimizes your Teams by 

  • Setting a target headcount for each Team
  • Defining exact mission and work content for each Team
  • Setting performance targets
  • Developing an incentive pay system that is specific for your operation, for your factory's exact level, situation, experience level, and customer strategy

Reduce Work-in-Progress (WIP)   Reduction in WIP  provides several advantages, including giving each Team Leader a more manageable amount of product needed to process at any given time. Reducing WIP at any one time will reduce the amount of time to process the entire order. 

Establish Consistent Quality Standards at Every Point  Your Customer actually sets the Quality Standard. But in many factories there co-exists different standards. This causes defective product to be discovered much later in the product flow, with much "awaiting confirmation" delays. 

Increase the Speed of Product Flowing through the Factory  To maximize the gains achieved by better production line productivity (due to AMC Training of your Staff), semi-finished product flows quicker and more smoothly throughout your entire factory

Find Defective Product Sooner  The sooner problems are discovered, the sooner that they are able to fixed.

Redefine the Work Content for such Groups as MD, and QA  Redefining the work content (Mission and Job Content) for a group results in your Groups doing the right work, not just doing work right.  Focusing on what is important - what is vital, is critical to ensuring your customer is happy. 

Change Focus of Production Control Team  Production Control Team improves from a simple data gathering focus to a production process improvement focus, actually assisting the other teams to increase productivity instead of just being data gatherers.

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