Cult Products

Not many people familiar with cult products and why does it called cult.

Taking from wikipedia cult brand is a product or service with committed customer base. The attainment of such true believers or “near fanatical” customers is made possible because cult brands sell more than a product, they sell a lifestyle.

There is also definition for the customer that use this cult products, they were called “Brand Tribe”; a group of people who collectively identify themselves with a product and share similar views and notions about a certain brand.

They are not merely product users, they will also promote this products in any ways possible.

Officially not all product can become a cult products but when they do it will make huge impact for the brand image and the company itself.

Let see some of the brand that have significant cult followers around the world.

a. Volkswagen Beatle

Who doesn’t know VW and its signature bug shape alike. This car have survived since 1937 but still have VW beetle fanbase in almost every country.


This Swedish furniture giants really know how to dress your small cubicle apartement to look stylish and elegant by their DIY furniture home products. People no longer say “i wanna buy table”,“I wanna buy a dresser”,  they will say “I want to buy IKEA”

c. Starbucks

It just a cup of coffee or latte you can buy anywhere but why you have to go to Starbucks. You meet with your friends or business partner in Starbucks. Starbucks is no longer a place to go for a good coffee but it already become your lifestyle, a place to hang out for people and even doing some business deals.

d. Vespa

This motorbike is awesome, it doesn’t change style much since World War II but it still have its fanbase all over the world.

e. Apple

They have dedicated display for their products and you won’t see apple products displayed side by side with android device. Try to talk about android or Samsung to an iphone fanbase user and you will know why.