At first outlet stores as a place where they sell overstock that already out of the season at a bargain prices.

But slowly the trends shifted, Outlet stores no longer sell overstock items instead they intentionally produce goods to be sell at Outlet Stores. Now what makes the Outlets items different than what they sell in their retail stores, why their prices lower than the retail stores. Is it the style? Quality? Size? Or their treatment?

I read some article mentioned that Items in Outlets stores are made by cheaper quality materials, this isn’t true at all. One thing for sure their material quality is not different from their normal retail shop, they even bought from the same source of their normal retail shop same quality and same color/shape.

But the style officially different from the recent style they display on their retail stores. Usually the past seasons styles will be produce for Outlets orders. Not all style tho, there are some limited edition style that certain brand will not produce them for Outlets. They should give their retails shop some uniqueness to keep their loyal customer coming back to retails. 

Do they make the size or the amount of trims produce in Outlet smaller than the retails one, to save cost? This also not everything is the same like when this goods sells in retails store.

Things that they cut back in Outlets usually some small things like labels and packaging, they do still use their original labels but the one with less fancy looks. No more individual or fancy packaging also no more intensive and glamour advertising also. This few things can cut quite some cost to make Outlets goods more cheap.

 So no need to worry, if you are a fan of a certain “Brand” but you have limited budget, you can always look for it in Outlet Stores. And for those of you that shop in retails stores… no need to worry, you have the perks of being a customer who have the most updated styles and limited edition that keeps you being unique from others.