Uzbekistan – Cotton Farming

Perhaps many of readers heard about forced cotton harvesting in Uzbekistan?

The government forced farmer to plant for cotton or they will lose their financial benefit or even their land. During the harvest seasons their citizen are forced to do harvesting for governments, this is including employees from private companies, teachers or even students. If they refused to do this harvesting then they might loose their job or face some abuse either from government or their employers.

Usually they start planting their cotton around May and harvest start in September, which is just 3 months ago. To know what happen in recent harvest situation I include below links from cotton for you to see the actual situation in Uzbekistan by clicking here

According to Wikipedia, Uzbekistan can produce about 1 million ton of fiber annually which is 4-5% of world production. With exports quantity around 700,000 – 800,000 tons, 10% of worlds exports. Which takes Uzbekistan as the 6th largest cotton producer in the world. Bad irrigation system and soil pollution had decreased their cotton farming area from 1.8 million to 1.4 million.

Quoting from the "" below is the statistic of Top 10 largest cotton producing countries:

Top 10 largest Cotton Producing Countries in the World (in Metric Tonnes)

1     China     6,841,593

2     India     5,323,467

3     United States of America     3,598,853

4     Pakistan     2,216,932

5     Brazil     1,639,537

6     Uzbekistan     1,053,742

7     Australia     976,475

8     Turkey     853,831

9     Argentina     214,371

10     Turkmenistan     199,358

Total     World     25,965,743

Most of the world re-known brand have banded using cotton from this countries, thus its also reduced the demand of cotton coming from Uzbekistan. Hopefully in future their government will be more aware of this situation and can create better situation for their economical growth. 

Not by making their citizen as government’s slave, but to treat them very humanly. Because countries is not “A COUNTRY” without its people and their supports.