Brand Awareness (A Burberry Case Study)

There are a lot of check pattern available in market in various size there are no written brand name on that pattern but once we see it we know immediately that’s“Burberry”. I thought how amazing one brand can achieve that kind of recognition. Then I try to find out their more than a decade history.

Burberry established in1856 by Thomas Burberry a local draper, their first shop is in Basingstoke, England. In 1876 he invented their well known breathable and waterproof gabardine fabric which is later use widely in British army trench coat during WWI. Their coat is widely use by high profile people in the British Force, aviators as well as explorers. Burberry logo, the Equestrian Knight, created in 1901. It has latin wording that says “Prorsum” which means forward, back then Burberry’s often use in WWI or climate changing situation and still move forward even in the most hostile situation, back then Burberry is well know for their durability.

But the infamous burberry check pattern not yet available until 1920, where Burberry start using this pattern as the lining of their trench coat. Burberry is include in one of the brand with traditional value ever since this brand established their check color only available in combination of tan-black-white-red color. And their gabardine trench coat color only available in Tan and Black color for more than 100 years.

Burberry have extensively used by Royals in UK that earns this Brand 2 Royal Warrants. In 1955, Queen Elizabeth II awarded Burberry The royal Warrant and the second one given by The Prince of Wales on 1989.

In 2015 Burberry finally launched other option of color such red, white and pink for their trench coat. This is also the year where their revenue is at their heights. Burberry is not only making outdoor clothing anymore, they spread their wings to fashion, perfumeries, bags, and other fashion merchandises.

So why the Burberry check pattern very famous? Is it because their color never change for almost a century? Or because of the brand image?

Please let me know your thoughts, thank you :)