Child Labor

We all know child labor and sweat shop is one of the main issue in any Industry. In garment itself nobe of the well known brand allows any of their subcontractor to have underage worker or paying lower than the minimum wages.

For a well developed country they absolutely have no problem for these type of things. But how about under developing countries where most of their citizen still live in poverty. You can see on the street may children selling stuffs in red lights or even beg for money. The picture in my blog today i taken from an article 5 days ago where this young boy have to sell donuts on street side to help his parents.

Garments is one of the industries that actually can absorbs a lot of human resources. 

Back to my own personal stories, my families running some small home garment industry since my great grandfather. Since i was small, we are all helping the family business. Officially back then i can not sew. Me and my brother often help with the packing or carrying stuff. We even play race who can do faster, we were having fun and we proud we can do what adults do. Officially we are not getting paid for this, but doesn't that makes me and my brother categorize as child labor or not?

Not long ago i found this small home industry, garment officially. The owner actually hired an entire family to work in their facilities. They build several homes around the facilities so their workers and family can stay there. In the morning the parents will start with cutting and sewing, by the afternoon when their chilren finish school, they come to help their parents. They do packing and finishing while chatting with their fellow friends. These are actually much more decents rather than seeing them out in the street trying to earn money.

They really enjoying what they do and they get to enjoy family time and working at the same time. It is one of the most beautiful view i ever see. I wish this can be applied in a larger industries... We might able to see more families have more decent life...

But thats just my cup of tea...