Is Cambodia worth it?

Cambodia continues to suffer from poorly managed factories and extreme levels of corruption.

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Is Vietnam the biggest loser?  

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jobs for South Asia

As many as 1.5 million new jobs would be created in South Asia if labour costs in China rise by even 10%. 

World Bank Report (PDF).

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Insight on Myanmar

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Insight on Cambodia

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Insight on Ethiopia   

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Cambodia Garment Wage ≠ LIving Wage 

BBC Report 2014.08

Workers in Cambodia's garment factories say they're angry the prime minister has refused to support a steep rise in the minimum wage. Negotiations are ongoing, but Hun Sen says a big increase would be bad for the economy.



AMC maintains a databank for Head Hunting Services and CVs of Professional Candidates.



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We hope to start a conversation with you, 

We hope to start a conversation with you, 

Indonesia Worth a Second Look

Indonesia Worth a Second Look




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10 Principles of Improvement

Main Language: Japanese

Sub Language(s): English

10 Principles of Improvement

Main Language: Khmer

Sub Language(s): English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

10 Principles of Improvement

Main Language: Chinese

Sub Language(s): English, Japanese

10 Principles of Improvement

Main Language:  Bengali

Sub Language(s): English, japanese, Korean, Chinese

Organizational Optimization

Increasing Profitability By Increasing Productivity


Unlocking Globalization


Doing Business 2016

World Bank Group



Mobile Phones, Internet, and Gender in Myanmar

Mobile Phones and Literacy

Homeworker, Transparency

Homeworker Guidelines

Ethical Trading Initiative

HK Transparency Report


Labour Law Indonesia

Better Work 

Education Transforms Lives



Wages, Productivity, Competitiveness

Wage Indicator

Wage Indicator Foundation

Cambodia Competitiveness






zero waste

Agile アジャイル

Of Note

apparel Industry


Optimization Journeys

these are the day to day accounts of companies as they make their way along their optimization journeys - their problems, their victories, and their discoveries.

The Optimization Journey Blogs in this section are written by the owners and the managers of AMC's customers which have agreed to participate in putting their daily optimization journey on the web. These participating companies post directly their daily experiences and problems.  AMC's teams of consultants and contributors are able to provide guidance and feedback in real time through comments in each customer' private blog.  This provides a collaborative approach where AMC can field an entire team representing diverse disciplines.  AMC is able to is provide its international expertise no matter from which location or time zone the AMC team member is currently in.  The benefit to the factory is that it doesn't need to wait until the next scheduled visit by AMC for advice, and, more importantly, the next actual visit to the factory is greatly facilitied by AMC already understanding the current situation, already up-to-speed since its last visit. 

These Optimization Journey Blogs are password protected for confidentiality and not available for public viewing. 

Journey:     Start (Continuing) Date: 2016.11

Journey:      Start (Continuing) Date:  2016.08

Journey:     Start (Continuing) Date: 2013.10, 2014.10, 2015.6, 2016.07

Journey:    Start (Continuing) Date: 2012.05, 2013.01

Journey:     Start (Continuing) Date: 2016.10

Journey:    Start (Continuing) Date: 2015..08, 2016.01

Journey:    Start (Continuing) Date: 2012.08, 2014.05, 2015.05

Journey:   Start (Continuing) Date: 2011.3, 2012.3