African Union: My Vision

African Union Building in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

African Union Building in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


If I had the privilege to perform African Union women empowerment related work, this, to me, would be the most critical work for me to be involved with.

By reaching out to girls in rural areas help them to understand their human and cultural and educational rights, like the right to education among many other rights in line with the Sustainable Development Goals #SDG. 

Every girl deserves the chance to learn!

Also in this light, I would ensure that those who engage in abducting young girls for early marriage without their consent would be prosecuted and dealt with appropriately.

It is the unfortunate situation that in Ethiopia, girls are brides at an early age without their consent.


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The African women challenges are many; to begin with, female genital mutilation, early marriage, dropping out of school, and lack of sanitation pad, and work burdens in their homes.

I am helping some girls who can’t afford to buy necessary sanitary products in our neighborhood. And, as well, working to also sensitize their families about FGM and it's negative effects and the need to educate the girls..

What Fuels Me



Awareness -  I promote women empowerment using social media and promote my country using social media.

Optimism- I am optimistic about Africa.  An Africa that will be peace with itself. AnAfrica that empowers women. An Africa that uses its local resources to create market leading global brands.

Humility- I believe that being humble will bring rewards and it is one of the best personality traits for  everyone to have.

Hello From Ethiopia


Frehiwot Negash born and raised in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. By profession I am an Admin and Finance officer working for a private company that deals with renting and selling of construction machinery. From childhood, I love to provide voluntary service to those in need. It gives me a great pleasure as I believe that I am sharing the burden of my community and my country in general. I can say that nothing gives me a great pleasure than being there for those whom I never expected a return. Therefore, Voluntary work is not only my passion but also my lifetime commitment that I considered as one of the purposes of my life. 

To fulfill my life purpose, I am member and volunteer of Mathiwos Wondu YeEthiopia cancer society.

What I do here is, creating awareness about breast cancer and participate in fundraising.

In addition, I am one of the founding members of ‘’BEGARA ENEGARA’’ an informal charity group on Facebook which is working to support community members who are destitute especially children and persons with disability. Together with my group members ‘’BEGARA ENGARA’’ we managed to facilitate the first fundraising dinner to support Macedonians Humanitarian Association. (a shelter for mentally challenged and elders). This humanitarian indigenous association was really in need of financial support as the founder was the only person who was supporting the centre from his own pocket. The centre was facing a huge financial challenge and we have managed to raise about 1.5 million birr. 

In 2015 I have been named as in the top social media influencers in Ethiopia by former British Ambassador H.E Greg Dorey. His main reason was through social media I have empowered women and promote my country to the world. The British Embassy has supported me in my campaign in raising books for Victory School of Deaf which I shared on Twitter. And together with H.E Ambassador Greg Dorey we donated 220 books for the school on December 7, 2015.

Currently I am the Young African Leaders Initiative online volunteer moderator.