That Different World


I was reading one of AMC Guest Blogger Gergely's articles talking about learning language a few days ago and I left a comment telling about my experience of learning english. And in fact, that is the second time that I think I enter into another world. The first time is when I was in middle school, first grade.

That day I was on the way back home with one of my classmates, and he told me he got Weiqi at home and invited me to play with him. At his home, he teach me the basic rules and then we start a game. And there is no wonder finally almost all my pieces was taken out, step by step. I went back home, but cannot forget the black and white pieces. In the morning, when I sit in the classroom, I became dazed and don't know when right in front of my eyes a chessboard was hanged there then I start to play, one piece black, one piece white then gradually mixed together. This way is not right, try this way...and when I was on the way back home, I was playing. When I ate, I play, what I ate I have no idea. Not sure whether I also play when I was sleeping, but before fall to sleep I was playing, I know that. And I just don't know when I fell to sleep. Those days, I was just like a walking body, my body was still in this world but I actually entered into another world and playing weiqi there, almost all the time.

This kind of state was lasted for one and a half weeks. At last the chessboard was gone, and I already simulate many changes in my mind. That guy who teach me weiqi invited me to play again. This time, it seems I got Alphago siting behind me and I defeated him completely, he just didn't even have a chance to comeback. 

One of my friend is interested in Buddha. I am not. But some times when we meet and sit down together he always talked about Buddha. And although I have no interests but he is my best friend so I choose to listen, just listen. One day he talked about trance state blablabla and I was just nodding all the way, although I am thinking something else. But suddenly I remember that one and a half weeks' lost into another world. Then I told him my story. He said this is also a kind of trance state, and I was in fact into a very deep trance state. I opened my eyes widely and ask him how deep it is. He told me I entered into the forth state which is the last state of trance, named giving up.

When I heard that word giving up, I standup and strike the table hardly and said, "that's right, giving up. I just give up everything, I got nothing else left in this world as I completely entered into another world, in that world I got weiqi only". And he said, that is also why you can go a thousand miles in a day timeframe, so that guy who teach you weiqi is certainly no longer your adversary. And usually there is a reason why you can enter into that world that is the first game you played with your classmate and you loose.

Then after that, I also start reading Buddha books. And I am trying to remember all the details about that different world. At this moment, I can still imagine a chessboard hanged in front and I can start playing, but it is a kind of imagine. When I was in middle school it was not imagine. Imagine is just too limited and difficult, the world I entered is isolated and chessboard, white/black pieces are already there waiting for me to play, they are always there. And to image a chessboard takes times, but enter into that different world is so easy all it takes is just 1/100 second, speed of a flash like turn on a switch. Imagine is easy to interrupt as you are still with this world, but enter into that different world is you physically into that world.  

I am thinking if there is a way that can lead people into a different world, where you can focus on what you are interested. Then everything will become much easier. In that world, there is no doubt you can go anywhere you want, you can achieve whatever you want, you stretch out your hand that thing is there you can touch and take it away. And in that world, there is no space and time, cannot aware of that because my focus is on the weiqi so anything else is gone, invisible, or not even available at all. You enter into that world and when you come out, you will become the top player, champion, number1.

And in that world, nobody is teaching, but you are definitely practicing and learning. And that is why I can improve a lot in 2 days for english, one and a half weeks for Weiqi. 
I am still working/thinking further to figure out all the details how I can enter into another world, or whether there is a way that can lead people into another world. I will get there one day.

The Potential of Automotive 3D Printed Components

In 2001 I remember I bought my first computer, not brand but go to the computer market and find a shop then they configure one for me. It's like a super market, no high tech at all. And I remember for the software system they just take out a disc, in less than 30 minutes everything is done.

I call this soft copy. One reason it is really soft, just click the keyboard a couple times then you got it. Another reason is it is software. But nowadays hard copy also becomes very common. A good example is an auto company Shuanghuan. In 2016, Shuanghuan just finished a more than 12-year law suit with Honda. Honda developed CRV, later Honda found Shuanghuan bring to market Laibao which looks almost the same as their CRV so Honda file the law suit. 

Then Shuanghuan sue against said Honda's slander makes their sales of Laibao bad, and Shuanghuan lost market shares then asked for big amount of compensation. Finally Chinese court judged copy not true, and finally sentence Honda to pay Shuanghuan 16millions. Below is a couple reference pictures. For me, they are same. But I have to tell you another fact that I am short sight and I always refused to wear the glasses, I can not see very clear.

However, if I were Shuanghuan. I will not do so. I will certainly make a difference instead of into a suspicion of copy. And when I browse web I found more. This Shuanghuan has something else.

Shuanghaun's CEO SUV was sued by BMW due to copy, and finally court in Germany judged Shuanghuan's CEO is not allowed to market in Germany. And Shuanghuan's another product also being questioned by Benz, as Benz said obviously your product is like my smart fortwo, but finally 2 parties compromised. And usually this type of thing there is not statement of what has been compromised. Below is reference images.

And in my opinion, softcopy is very easy, and is 100% same. Hardcopy is really not easy. From the images above, at first glance they look same but after second look it is very easy to identify which is which. You can copy, but the manufacturing capability of sheet metal will let you know their auto looks better than yours. But now there is 3D scanner, I bet this will make things easier. Just buy their vehicle then strip down, then use 3D to scan, then use a 3D printer to print out everything and then you can assemble. Of cause, I recommend that you amend a little in purposes. So if one day when facing the judge you can tell them what you made is different, and you can point out in which areas they are different.

But I would rather recommend that we learn more from Toyota and Nissan. Look at LC70 they just update inside and performance improve and improve, outside they never changes. And also Nissan Y61. They are real vehicles, all the people know. especially when you want to be off-road. they always make a difference, and nobody can follow. LC70 outside looks no changes from the past decades of years but people know it is real off-road.

If you got money you will always consider to have one of this. If I can not afford, I will choose to keep this as a dream, I will not compromise to buy a half-cost or even one third copy. And it's easy to copy, but there is always something there you will not be able to copy.




Chinese new football coach Marcelo Lippi

A couple months ago Chinese football association decided to hire Lippi as the coach and the press disclosed his pay is 15 million euros a year. I barely know this guy, but I am almost certain he is not going to help. And I believe most of the Chinese people have the same thinking as me, but unfortunately it looks our football association doesn't think so! 

Back to 90's of 20th century, when I was still in the high school. Chinese football is the pain in the ass for Chinese people, and our team is struggling to rush out of asia so we can see outside world. I am not a fans of football but my interesting with football and our team is starting from an article in the newspaper. It is about the Football world cup the article titled "Our football team into a death group". I am attracted by it and started to read. It said in the same group, there are UAE, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, etc and they are all strong teams in Asia, and our team has no chance to win. We will not be able to rush out asia this time, we have to wait another 4 years, bla bla bla.

As a student, I learn geography and history and certainly know these countries are neither land nor people in Asia. Iran and Iraq is not stable I doubt they have times to play football, I am not sure how can they organize a team. But the article detailed analysed each team and made me realize we are into a death group. And I also realize our advantage is we have the best goalkeeper in Asia though. And I finally understand in front of Chinese team all other Asia teams are strong team. And of cause in that year our team didn't bring any surprises to us, they play and out (playout)!  And all the people is asking why we have so many people but cannot form a 11-people football team who can win. 

I remember once I saw in the TV a regular Premier League team came visit China and easily overcome our teams. And our reporter went up and asked a stupid question "it looks your team has very good strength as at the end of second half they still run fast, same as the beginning. But our team already getting exhausted after 10 minutes in the first half...", their coach smiled and said, "if necessary, they can run at the same speed for another couple hours..."

So I am aware we in fact not strong enough to compete with them. I think this is the final reason. And when you look at Chinese man volleyball, basketball you will find the same. Our competitors is still playing with spirit but our team already breath out. Our man team is only good at table tennis, badminton which requires more Technique than strength. And for all track and field games, not mention China but Asia is far below the world level. Liuxiang wins 110 high hurdles but for hurdles again it is technique.

This is circumstantially proofed by our women football, volleyball, basketball team. In these games our team ranked pretty good, football our best achievement is runner up, volleyball we just get back the champion in Olympic, basketball ranked top. As for woman game, strength is not their advantage, but tenacity and endurance. So our women plays OK.

So apparently our man football team needs another several generations' efforts, decades of years. We don't need Lippi. When we are strong enough to keep running even in the second half, we may have a chance to complete with the strong teams in the world.

Chinese people all know this, but not our football association. Why? Here are some hints that I got from the internet....

Our chairman Xi likes football.

A Chinese football club pay Lippi, instead of our football association which is a government owned organization.

That football clubs of cause can explain this is a kind of investment in advertising.

Some people are questioning is this some kind of corruption that club try to please the government and they will get paid in other ways.

Here are some other facts ---

Weeks ago I see a photo indicating in America at the president's installations there is a group of people they just sit in the front lines, they never stand up to greet their president, they never applaud also. They are the justices of  Federal Supreme court.

Mid of 2016, Chinese Supreme people's court vice-president was taken away by the police as he accepted 30million bribes and police find 21 tons of cash bills in his son's home. I remember I read some articles this guy wrote talking about justice and the holy responsibility of a judge. And I see many photos of this guy he is neatly uniformed with National emblem in the collar, shinning as if to emphasize the power of Supreme court, and holy power of justice. Bear  in mind he is not a regular judge his position is exactly like the justice of American Federal Supreme court. 

Meryl Streep blasted President Trump, Trump twittered back with Hilary's flunky and claiming he didn't mock disabled reporter. Personally I did meet a lot of people from Europe and America. I somewhat have some basic understanding of them. The understanding is not only on the language, but also the history, culture and people. Meryl is completely protected by freedom speach, the first amendment of America constitution. However, this type of things could never happen in China.

In America you can blast president but you will get into trouble if you mock disables. But it may be opposite in China. Nobody will choose to badmouth our Chairman or governors, at least never heard in publics. If you put 1 million cash in front of me and said as long as you badmouth your president then you can take all these I will tell you it is a hard decision to make. And if I were Meryl I will just take the award and laugh carefully probably not until get back home, I will never blast the president unless I got drunk.

There is a famous Russian joke. When Stalin defeat Germany and becomes the supreme ruler of the country in Russia's movie when he appears in the screen all the audiences will stand up and applaud. Stalin heard this and decided to see if this is true. So he makeup and sloped into the theater sit on the last row. When he comes up in the screen, he found that all the people in the theatre did stand up and applaud. He became very proud, but suddenly the one next to him gave him a fierce push in the shoulder "Are you out of mind?", that man said nervously, "Stand up and applaud!"


I don't know why I start with football and Lippi, but finally justice, Stalin, Supreme court come up. I think I'd better move back to football. And I need to make some amendment however, as I just saw the pictures showing how bad the smog in Beijing is in my lunch time, and the smog now also appears in Guangzhou which is next to Dongguan city (where I live). Now I don't know how long it will take to form a strong football team. As we are suffering with the smog, and also we are in fact worried about food safety, cleaning water, even the milk for our kids. We are loosing confidence, and I think we should not talk about our football team until the smog is gone, and our food and drink become safe. In current situation, it is a luxury thing to vision a strong football team. 

Sexual Harassment: China vs America

Recently many people are talking about top manager of China Minsheng Bank harassing his staff, a young lady. And there is sreenshot showing that manager is pressing that young lady and if she  doesn't agree then she will get the sack.

That young lady finally choose to leave.  And, since Minsheng bank is a publicly listed company, it was bound to stir things up.

Minsheng Bank investigated the incident, and published the results, saying what they found that manager was sending messages thru the WeChat on the handset. No sex affair actually happened. And in the end,  Minsheng Bank fired that top manager. However, their statement made the situation worse. As it looked as if they were trying to say that since no sexual affair actually happened then it was not harassment.

And many people began saying Minsheng Bank was trying to redefine the meaning of sexual harassment. Finally, Minsheng Bank said they will try to contact that young lady to provide any assistance  to her, trying to assuage the people who were pointing fingers at the Bank.

Something similar happened in America. Gretchen Carlson, a famous news host who works for 21th century Fox (FoxNews), filed a lawsuit against the company's CEO for sexual harassment. I went to Yahoo's website and read carefully about the whole story and what I found was very interesting.Carl

Gretchen Carlson and the CEO ( Roger Ailes ) 

Gretchen Carlson and the CEO (Roger Ailes

Carlson had made a complaint against the CEO, not the 21th century Fox,  but finally the company made a stand, and they compromised, and Fox paid out 20 million. What's more, Yahoo reported some other women came out as well, and reported a similar situation such as Carlson' so I believe Fox also compromised with them, not sure about how much.

To repeat, Carlson was not suing the employer, but Fox itself decided to settle the matter. What I am thinking is that Carlson was very smart, or may be her lawyer was smart.  She sued the CEO first, then if she won, she could then consider to move forward to sue Fox, step by step. This is my guess.

But if putting the 2 cases together, what the 2 companies did is completely different. My thinking is that America has a very complete law system. And many lawsuits end with a compromise. As the judge can rule punitive damages and people are afraid to face that kind of straight out decision. So, if possible, compromises are made. However, in China the law system is weak and flawed. I don't think we have defined sexual harassment in law. And if that young lady filed a lawsuit like what Carlson did what she is going to get? 20million? No way. 200RMB, I have no idea. Mental damages? The judge may say, I cannot see any mental damages? Or may be that top manager didn't use violence, just messages, you are supposed to be more tough, life is a rough road, lady! Or at least that top manager's lawyer will have a chance to fight back hard. We have almost no punitive damages in China to this kind of lawsuit. Very few and limited situations may have compensatory mental damages awarded. And if the ruling is such,  then compensation may be just a mere 1,000 RMB.

For me, law should be like a sharp sword, that is hung highly up in the air. If people plan to cross the line, be careful. The sword will fall and it's going to hurt, and you will definitely get less but loose more. And this is going to follow you and haunt you the rest of your life, your career, everything you have will be put at risk. So think about it before you make that move. Apparently, our law system is not like a sharp sword hanging above our heads. We have some law on the books, but that law is still weak and doesn't mean too much at this point. The worst case is you pay what you are supposed to pay, but then, who cares. Our law system needs to make changes. If one day, something like Philadelphia, Erin Brockovich, Flash of Genius happened in China then we will have a more peaceful world.

I am in fact very interested in law stories. I accessed web and read alot at before, it was somewhat difficult but very interesting, movies also helps. I remembered a case vividly, and of cause again it happened in America. In a community center residents always receive many phone calls and faxes from a nearby Bowling Alley.  That Bowling Alley was trying to promote itself, but people were fed up and decided to file a group lawsuit.  The final sentence was very interesting -- I quote a part of it:

"If you provide a hardcopy evidence of fax from that Bowling Alley then you will get $1,000 for one piece of paper fax If you cannot produce it, as in the case if you lost that piece of paper, and you are willing to put your hands on the Bible book and swear you did receive a fax from that Bowling Alley then you will get $500 for one piece of paper fax"

I didn't believe my eyes when I saw this!!  Really. For me, if you just simply "swear it happened",  then you will get 500 bucks??  Incredible. No way!  This seemed to me just like an ancient fairy tale or something like that. It could never happen in reality!

But it did.  It happened in America. 

What do you think?

It's her!

It's her!

Many years ago I read an article telling a story in Europe.

Scientists invented a new drug to deal with rats.  It was a kind of food that rats like to eat, but mixed with poison that also smells good to them. The scientists  believed that this formula was going to work well.

They put their concoction at places where rats gathered. But in the end, no rats eat the drug.

On the second day, the scientists figured out the reason.  They reasoned the rats heard in fact heard what the scientists had talked about: after putting the poison in place the scientists were talking about how to deal with the rats bodies after the rats had ate the poison. The scientists though the rats must have heard their conversation, and became aware that it was poison instead of food, and the rats communicated this message to all the other rats.

Was this possible?

Maybe rats that do come out in the daytime don't understand our exact words, but they can sense their enemy (the human being) is very cunning, and scheming about something, and even though the food smells delicious, there must be something not right about this. 

Once before, I read something in the web which is also related with rats. A woman in her 60‘s told her story, that I relate here.

The woman has a family. Her husband was an operator in a city in North China.  They had a son and a daughter. Her husband worked in a state-owned company, and, at that time, state owned companies provided accommodations to their employees.  So they rented a house in the countryside of that city.

The husband usually returned home only during the weekends.. One winter night, the woman was woken up by noise, and she became scared.  But in spite of her fright, she got up and found the noise was from the rice bin.  And what she saw was a rat, which had slid to the bottom of the rice bin, probably trying to get at some of the rice, and, unfortunately the rat could not climb up once he had fallen in.

The woman took a stick and decided to beat the rat to death.

But when she took off the lid, the rat began to creak very loudly, as if crying for mercy. It was a very fat rat and woman believed the rat must be a mother too, just like herself, and that all the mother rat was trying to do was to feed her baby rats.

The woman then decided to release the rat. So she put the stick into the bin so that the mouse could climb up and out. The amazing thing the woman witnessed was to see the mouse stand on the edge of bin and fold her two small hands together and make bows (in China traditionally we have what is called a "fist palm salute" when people meet, or trying to say thank you). It seemed as if the rat was trying to say something, as if to say thank you to the woman.

Then, the mouse ran away, and disappeared from view.

Later, the woman told her family later about the incident. But her husband didn't believe that a  mouse could make a such a bow.

A few months later the husband was able to change the house to a house downtown and so the family moved houses. 

One summer early morning the woman was woken up by a severe pain in her fingers. She found  that her index finger was bleeding.  Then suddenly she heard her daughter screaming.  A big rat was in the bed,  and her daughter had been bitten in the face. Her son and husband ran into the room, and woman got her broom, her son got another stick, both trying to flatten the rat.  But the rat moved very agilely and jumped outside to another room.  The woman discovered there was a hole in the door. They opened the door and the mouse was jumping up and down outside, creaking.

They run after the mouse to the first floor, but they gave up as that mouse had apparently already run away.  

The woman was worried about her daughter's wound, so they went back. But suddenly the mouse appeared and bit her son's foot! The whole family was of course really angry this time, they all raced after the mouse.  The mouse was getting exhausted, and was so tired it could no longer move. Her son raised the stick, and brought it down. The rat was crushed.

They walked back, with all 3 people wounded, and almost had entered the house, when suddenly, the ground shook. Within about 10 seconds all the buildings collapsed. This was in fact the well-known Tangshan earthquake.  The entire city was razed to the ground in about only 12 seconds.

The woman, after coming back to her senses, says out loud,  "It's  her!  It was the mouse I told you all about.  Last time it was I that let the rat walk away - freely.  So today she did everything she could to save our entire family."

I firmly believe this is a true story.

Rats are clever animals. Humans and rats have co-habited on the earth together for centuries. Over such a long time, humans and rats have become able to understand, in some ways, our mutual behaviors.

Its a scientific fact that various animals can feel a coming earthquake in advance.

The real touching part is not the rat sacrifice her life for the woman's family. The real touching  part is that the rat successfully led the family to the safety place, through its biting the people, to wake them up and get them out of the house.  It sounds as difficult as Mission Impossible. If the rat had failed in her task, the rat would have also been crushed in woman's house, then we will never know this story.

The rat understood that  nobody would be able to listen to her, so she bit without hesitation.  

And when the rat ran out strength, and was seeing that stick come down upon her, in fact crushing her to death, the rat was already sensing the earthquake was coming,  and with the family safely out of the house, the rat felt a feeling of satisfaction.

The Brand Manager

I was working as a Project Manager in Papermate's facility in China, more that 10 years ago.

I worked with the Head Office's R&D in Oakbrook, which is a facility that belongs to Sanford/Newell Rubbermaid. When I joined, both parties were already in the midst of ensuring success of an especially hot item called Sharpie UF RT.

A team from America came. A very strong team. I met my counterpart, Brand manager,engineers...

It was at a time when I was not so familiar with consumer products, and when I exchanged cards with the U.S. brand manager even though I asked quite a few questions, I was still not so clear about their respective functions.

One weekend I was on a train from Shenzhen to Dongguan, going back home.  I met a HK man who lived in same community as me and although we didn't know each other our kids were the same age so we were connected in some way. We talked about our employers and in fact I was actually wearing the company shirt. The man noticed the Papermate logo on the shirt and shouted out, "Papermate, you work in Papermate?!"  I nodded and opened my mouth and tried to speak out in chinese 比百美. but he waved his hand and said, "don't say it, I know it. I used Papermate from over 40 years ago when I was a junior school student!   Papermate was very famous at that time.  Nowadays Pilot is more popular...I know it, it is right in my mouth" I was a little bit surprised, but that man began to think it over, I can see this from his eyes. I believed he just entered into his past, as if he was re-playing something over and over. 

The train stopped, and minutes later we entered into our community. He kept thinking all the way. We are going to split, and he actually lived in the building that was only about 50 meters away from mine. "比百美" and while he said so, he twinkled his eyes a couple times as if to say, "I told you, I know it!", he said it clear and loud with proud! And he entered into his building.

I then stood still for a few seconds. Suddenly I understood everything. I caught the real meaning of the Papermate Brand Manager whom I had met at the my factory.

All persons who are involved with that product, are, in a sense,  Brand Managers for that product  as long as she/he is involved. You are me, whoever they are, including the guard in our facility. We are the ones who are doing everything we can do to make sure everything is moving properly, on time or beyond customers' expectations, with a fair and reasonable cost, low return rate, everything you can imagine.  If the guard got drunk and I in turn lost my samples that need to send to US  overnight can I tell my counterpart in the USA that in the samples have been lost or stolen?

For some reason I never meet that guy again. He lived mainly in HK.  But I have something in my mind, how to bring this to all the people. And I will make an advertising clip one day, I tell myself.

One Sunday morning, I was walking downstairs with a couple of Papermate pens in my hand.

I knocked on the door of my neighbor's building, inside, a little girl was working on her homework. She seemed not so happy, probably because it was weekend, and thunking "why should I be working on this boring things like this homework, but living in China there is nothing to do inside, and outside is getting dark.

That HK guy opened the door, he can barely remembered me, but I handed over the pens. He looked at them with a little surprise, and in just a fraction of a  second he opened his mouth wide and wanted to shout out that brand's name again.

Then I spoke out, gently,  "yes you know the name, you have proved this 10 years ago. Someone I work with previously in Papermate sent me this, that I hope you will like it as a gift from me.

Then the little girl runs close and grabs one of the pens, just like the wind, "what is this?" she says.

Her father says, “Its Papermate I used this brand when I was your age!”

"Papermate ?!" the little girl's Innocent voice spread over just like a bell in spring, and lightened the inside, then, that voice moved to the outside, where the sun comes up shining everything is cheared up.

Hold it just for a few seconds, let that bell spread to every corner in the world, just let it keep spreading.  Then let this camera lens move back quickly to the barrel of the pen that is holding and lift highly by that little girl in her little hand! Just forget the all the people, just focus on that pen.

Then just make sure the cameraman will take get this into the camera frame, that "2 hearted Papermate logo", and that name "Papermate"!  

Let's try to make this moment last forever.

One additional device...

I (as a seller) attended April's exhibition in HK organized by Globalsources. The second day when I stand in line for the shuttle bus someone behind asking question in english. I turned back and there is foreigner right behind me, he just wanted to know how long we will be waiting for the bus. Apparently he is a buyer and we began to talk. He came from Iran and he told me he is here looking for a power bank, which is a hot item in his country. I am not interested in smart phones and I still use a Motorola Startec flip with a pull-out antenna. I said it doesn't make sense as today all the people are just staring at their handset all the time. What's more, before people just take a phone but now when someone invent the power bank, people not only take a phone but also the power bank, and has to use a small cable to connect the 2 devices. I said I am not sure whether we are making progress or we are slipping backward.

He agreed with me. And he said, he imports and markets quite a lot of power banks, but he never uses it for himself. And he said logically power bank is just one additional device. and I said yes exactly what if the power bank itself runs out of power...?

We talked a lot, and exchanged cards and I feel I had met someone who has the same understanding as I do.

For me, I like to do things in a planned manner. If you are going out, you need to power your handset before hand. If there is something needed you need to plan ahead so you don't have to voice-mail forth and back, message forth and back, this doesn't make any sense for me.

That same Sunday afternoon, after the show, I was helping my daughter to pack up some things. She is in high school and is a boarding school student.  Sunday afternoon 5 pm is usually the most stirring and hectic time of the week, un-finished homework, clothings, food and drinks, my daughter is running here and there and trying to stuff everything into her school bag. And I have to pull my dog to make sure he is not making the situation worse as usually when people is in a rush so is your dog. Suddenly my wife said, don't forget that power bank, is it fully charged? A brand-new power bank then was finally pressed into the school bag. “Power bank?!”I stared at that small magic box and becomes speachless. Logically it is just one additional device - the Iran guy's voice rings in my ears......


Learning About Quality From My Bookcase


When you're a carpenter making a beautiful chest of drawers, you're not going to use a piece of plywood on the back

A friend of mine once told me that Steve Jobs said this once before. When I heard this the first thing I did was to check out my bookcase. I found it does use a very thin plywood on the back. Although painted in the same color, it is too thin to brace the books and already has begun to deform. I already can see big gap.

If my bookcase is not sit right to the wall then I bet that plywood will break away and the books will drop. That thin plywood certainly does not function very well on the back.  It just does not work out.

Then I go back and try to find out whether Jobs experienced the same as before but cannot. It appears it is his father told him so. I hope Jobs father did not experience the same, at least if he did I hope that chest of drawers is not made in China.

Personally I am not a fan of Apple. But from this I understand more why there are so many people who do like Apple produces. I firmly believe that our quality standards for bookcases and chest of drawers need to be updated to ensure that thick, real wood will be used on the back, and remember to emphasize that thin plywood will not work out.

Even If this will result in a price rise, that is fine, we increase the price. People like Jobs already noticed this; its a serious thing to realize. And lets bear in mind, a compromise on quality is not an option.