Rain + Wear : Using Rain in Textile Design


Having lived in Seattle, Portland, Osaka, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, and Yangon, we have come to appreciate and love rain (as well as rainy seasons, monsoons, and typhoons).

Dutch artist Aliki van der Kruijis felt the beauty behind rain should be celebrated and documented, so she developed a method of "pluviography"—drawing with rain—to imprint raindrops onto wearable textiles. Her hope is that people will begin to see rain's beauty via her artwork. 

2017 Vietnam Minimum Wage Increase Set at 7.3%



As AMC speculated as early as August 3 2017 in this blog post by Yamamoto Takahiko, the finally agreed 2017 Vietnam minimum wage increase was decided officially to be 7.3% over the 2016 minimum wage.

7.3% increase is line with recent year's increases ranging from 7% to 12%. 

 From January 2017, workers must be compensated between minimum VND 2.60 million (US$116) to VND 3.75 million (US$166), depending on the location of the factory within Vietnam.