Rain + Wear : Using Rain in Textile Design


Having lived in Seattle, Portland, Osaka, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, and Yangon, we have come to appreciate and love rain (as well as rainy seasons, monsoons, and typhoons).

Dutch artist Aliki van der Kruijis felt the beauty behind rain should be celebrated and documented, so she developed a method of "pluviography"—drawing with rain—to imprint raindrops onto wearable textiles. Her hope is that people will begin to see rain's beauty via her artwork. 


Stronger than steel and more flexible than nylon, spider silk is said to be the toughest material on earth. For the past 11 years a Japanese company has been attempting to harness that strength to create a new type of material with unprecedented versatility. They’ve now unveiled their working prototype: the Moon Parka.


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North India: TANTU

TANTU  TANTU is a group of core professionals serving to Textile and allied industries in the Northern region have come together on a common platform with the objective to serve the industry in a well-structured manner, enabling Textile Industry to accrue optimum benefit from the services of professionals to sustain in the competitive market.


Press Release dated 26th August 2016

Berhampore & Serampore
Alumni Association (North India Chapter)

We have great pleasure in announcing the Fourth TANTU seminar on “Technical Textiles: The Next Big Opportunity” to be held at India International Center, Max Muller Marg, New Delhi on 25th September 2016. “The unique seminar will discuss about manufacturing anything other than fashion apparel. Be it upholstery, car seat cover, face mask, medical braces, protective wear. . . basically manufacturing of all sewn and sewfree (bonding/welding/taping) products. The seminar will have panel discussions with esteemed panel members sharing their journey and challenges ahead”, confirms Dr. Prabir Jana, Seminar Chairman and President, TANTU.

In one hand increasing mass-interest in active sports and outdoor leisure activities such as flying and sailing sports, climbing, cycling, etc. has led to immense growth in the consumption of textile materials in manufacturing sporting and related goods and equipment. On the other hand industrial clothing for protection against heat and radiation, against molten metals for welders, for bullet proofing etc. has raised their bar with built-in comfort. Not to forget the growing aging population and awareness about wellness has created an unprecedented demand for medical textiles. At this watershed when apparel industry in India is struggling to find the elusive growth path, this year’s seminar on “Technical Textiles: The Next Big Opportunity” will open up the whole world of Clothtech, Protech, Medtech and Sporttech, that are beckoning with endless opportunities for diversification. To top up the scope, government has come up with array of incentives and schemes for such initiatives.

The Knowledge Experts
This year's panel discussion will be on wellness & Medical textiles and Safety & Protective Gear. The esteem panelist for wellness & Medical textiles would include Mr. P.J.Singh, Managing Director of Tynor India, the most celebrated company for orthopedic products, making in India and distributing to thirty countries all over the world, Mr. Krishna Kumar Baheti, Director Technical of Shubh Swasan India Pvt. Ltd., and Prof. Dr. Rabi Chattapadhyay of IIT, Delhi

The esteem panelist for Safety & Protective Gear session would include Dr. Mrinal Talukdar, Director Technical of Kusumgar Corporates, an Indian icon company in The Technical Textiles and Specialty Textiles genre, encompassing a wide spectrum of industrial fabrics products and technical applications; Mr. Anurag Singhal, Managing Director, Sai Synergy LLP, a newbie manufacturer in personal protective clothing and Dr. Arindam Basu, Director General of NITRA Gaziabad, the Centre of Excellence for Protective Textiles.

Our Associates
Freudenbeg Performance Materials, part of 7 billion EURGroup has associated with the seminar as Gold Partner of the seminar. Freudenberg is a Germany-based company offering its customers technically challenging product solutions and services. Mann+Hummel, a 3 billion EUR Global Leader in all filtration-related products is the Silver Partner of the seminar.

The other notable associates of the event are H&H Asia, the undisputed leader in thermoplastic technology for sew free production, Bureau Veritus India, the 4.6 billion EUR behemoth in testing and certification, SpeedStep Solutions, IT solutions company for sewn product industry, Rajasthan International, the trusted name for spare parts and consumables textile industry and Kalapataru International, one stop solutions for textile sourcing.

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