No. 1 USA Apparel Retailer 2017?


Amazon is already the largest on-line reseller of apparel at  $16.3 billion apparel sales in 2015.

This amount exceeded those of the next five competitors — Macy’s, Nordstrom, Gap, Kohl’s and Victoria’s Secret — combined

Analysts expect the e-commerce company will surpass Macy’s as the largest U.S. clothing retailer in 2017.

Business Insider

AMC Its About Change


Stronger than steel and more flexible than nylon, spider silk is said to be the toughest material on earth. For the past 11 years a Japanese company has been attempting to harness that strength to create a new type of material with unprecedented versatility. They’ve now unveiled their working prototype: the Moon Parka.


PR Times


2017 Vietnam Minimum Wage Increase Set at 7.3%



As AMC speculated as early as August 3 2017 in this blog post by Yamamoto Takahiko, the finally agreed 2017 Vietnam minimum wage increase was decided officially to be 7.3% over the 2016 minimum wage.

7.3% increase is line with recent year's increases ranging from 7% to 12%. 

 From January 2017, workers must be compensated between minimum VND 2.60 million (US$116) to VND 3.75 million (US$166), depending on the location of the factory within Vietnam.


Solar Cooking of Lunch Rice For Factory Managers (Cambodia)

A photo of a pilot project we did in 2013 to cook the rice of that factory's Managers for lunches, using solar.

It was fun. We used it to teach workers and to reach out to the surrounding community.

The daily capacity of the setup was limited to 2 of the pans you see pictured. Not enough for anything except for education purposes.

Project Location:  Takmao, Cambodia

Project Cost: USD 375

Project Mission:  What Does a Sustainable Factory Look Like in a Cambodian Context?

This solar set up was used as a tangible focal point to give attention to very easy ways to develop simple but effective ways for to start programs for recycling and reducing waste (fabric bits, power needed to sustain air pressure hoses, steam pressing pipe insulation, heat reflecting roof applications, etc).