Poor Quality: One Cause of Apparel Retail Slump

"Two seasoned Italian retailers that I have known for years, came over to the UK from Italy last week. We had a couple of days looking around the clothing retailers, mainly at the entry price point and mid-market end of the sector. We visited all of the high street players, the supermarkets, the specialists and the generalists. There were a couple of common observations that they raised, but that were already obvious to me, having done these visits recently.
They continueously commented on the poor quality of the clothing in ALL the retailers we visited. We experienced racks and racks of limp, creased, puckered, over pressed garments made in cheap fabrics with threads hanging off.
Each retailer we visited looked just like the last one we had walked out of. Similar styles, similar fabrics, same colours, lacklustre, no excitement. They all merged into one, lacking in excitement, style and quality and none creating any excitement for us as customers and consumers in general."
from Post of Julia Reynolds on Linked In