3D Printed Fabric 2017.6

Gabi Asfour has a cerebral, esoteric bent that soon becomes clear in his work. Since becoming curious about 3D printing around 2009, he has been trying to manipulate the internal geometry of textiles.
Traditional fabric is essentially two-dimensional — strands are arrayed horizontally, vertically, and in crisscross to form a weave. Asfour—who has degrees in mechanical engineering and architecture from the University of Maryland—had a vision, along with Donhauser and Gil, to create “three-dimensional interlocking weaves,” which they would achieve with the help of laser cutting. The desire to mess with fabric’s third dimension drew them naturally to 3D printing.
So far, Asfour says, “the most advanced fabric has been a four-way stretch.” That’s what’s possible with most normal fabric, which stretches along the X and Y planes. 3D printing would allow a material to stretch in the Z plane, Asfour theorized. He figured that such fabric would be more breathable and make movement easier. Best of all, it would eliminate wrinkles.

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Rain + Wear : Using Rain in Textile Design


Having lived in Seattle, Portland, Osaka, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, and Yangon, we have come to appreciate and love rain (as well as rainy seasons, monsoons, and typhoons).

Dutch artist Aliki van der Kruijis felt the beauty behind rain should be celebrated and documented, so she developed a method of "pluviography"—drawing with rain—to imprint raindrops onto wearable textiles. Her hope is that people will begin to see rain's beauty via her artwork. 

To The Fit


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To The Fit, in France, does 3 amazing services to assist you with your collections. 

1   They will design any type of product based on your cuts and your requirements. Every project is handled with the utmost confidentiality. 
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3   Working closely with fashion designers, they continuously monitor how the market evolves in terms of volume, shape, materials, technicals product, etc. They commit to being a creative force for you and your team, in line with your needs and those of your market segment.

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