Fashion Africa Sourcing Trip Site Launches !

FAST has held seminars, talks and yearly conferences in key cities from London, UK, New York, Addis Ababa, Accra, to Nairobi. Alongside they consult for international businesses and have launched business workshops online for small businesses.

FAST is a project under the leadership of Africa Fashion Guide's Director Jacqueline Shaw.

Africa Fashion Guide Manifesto

  • To Support Economic Development in Africa
  • To Support the use of Ethical and Sustainable Textiles
  • To Strengthen Trade Relationships over just Aid
  • To Support Fairtrade Principles
  • To Encourage Discussion and Implement Action
  • To Build active Relationships between fashions professionals in Africa with those in UK/EU/USA

AFG Founding Director Jacqueline Shaw is an internationally recognised expert in Africa’s fashion and textile industry, an eco-entrepreneur, a public speaker and a visionary. The Author of published coffee table book Fashion Africa, Jacqueline has been recognised by Vogue Italia, the Guardian newspaper UK and been featured in Stylist publications Magazine.