Japan Loses Its Appeal for Foreign Workers

Coming to Japan no longer benefits foreign workers with lower skill levels.

Chinese nationals working in Japan are asking for minimum wages of about JPY 300,000  (USD 2,833) per month.

Thats about double what Japanese employers have been offering to foreign lower skill laborers up to now. 

Back in China, the average monthly income of workers in Shanghai reached CNY 5,451 (USD 813) in 2014 and has continued to rise.

Rising wages in China are also affecting rural Japan, where a shrinking working-age population is causing serious problems.

Minimum wage in most of Japan is only JPY 110,000 (USD 1,050)

To offset fewer Chinese nationals, Japan has signed an agreement with the government of Myanmar in January, 2016  to accept "technical intern trainees" from Myanmar.

There were 907,896 foreign workers in Japan as of October 2015.

Nikkei Asian Review