From OEM to ODM to OBM

Study on OEM, ODM and OBM: Extending the Supply Chain with Added Value


  • In 2007, there were 83%, 61% and 40% of surveyed companies engaged in OEM, ODM and OBM business, respectively, about the same as in 2003.

  • Seemingly, ODM and OBM business has become more concentrated, with companies specialising in only one type of arrangement still recording significant business growth.

  • Looking ahead, Hong Kong companies are expected to continue to extend the supply chain with added value by engaging in ODM and OBM business, while the outlook of OEM business is relatively less promising.

  • To further increase their added value, Hong Kong companies, be they engaged in OEM, ODM or OBM, should improve the overall quality of their products and services by shifting the whole value chain upward.

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